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About 2018 – Diego Stocco

Diego’s adventure in music began in a small town in northern Italy, playing Beatles’ songs by ear on a Bontempi organ. His parents, encouraged by his musical inclination, supported his decision to study at the local Conservatory of Music. A decision that backfired spectacularly the day that Diego decided to put his violin in a vice and cut it in half with a hacksaw.

After this episode it was clear that he was not cut for classical studies so he embarked on a personal journey of musical discovery. He began playing in bands, studying synths, audio engineering and listening to any type of music he could have access to. This led to studio work and a variety of projects, including making radio jingles, music for ballet, synth programming and large scale live events.

Years later, he decided it was time to seek new opportunities. He packed his belongings, computer, a box full of strings and moved to Los Angeles. The enthusiasm of being there made his musical curiosity expand in unexpected new ways. One day he made a piece of music by playing an olive tree in his backyard, followed by a bonsai tree and shortly after with more natural elements.

One day he asked the owners of a local dry cleaning place if he could play the whole place as an instrument; they had no idea what he meant, but they were blown away when they saw the final result. Along with these projects, Diego kept building more and more instruments to the point where he made his own Custom Built Orchestra.

The organic sound and unique performing style that Diego featured on his music videos started to attract attention. His music and performances have been featured on campaigns for Kashi, Bottega Veneta, Burt’s Bees and Adidas. Diego also did audio branding for Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Panasonic and General Motors.

Diego scored the feature film “Chernobyl Diaries” and the video game “The Conduit”. As a featured soloist he performed on “Sherlock Holmes” and video games “Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood” and “AC Revelations”.

As a principal creative sound designer with Spectrasonics, Diego created a kaleidoscope of iconic sounds with his original instruments, customized objects and creative recording techniques. Without forgetting his spirit for creative destruction, Diego created the (in)famous Burning Piano, capturing all kinds of samples from his upright piano set on fire. His sounds are part of the core libraries of multi award winners virtual instruments Stylus™ RMX, and the flagship synthesizer Omnisphere® 2.

Recently, Diego created Sonic Artifact, a label where he presents his evolving music production as selected albums. Available for licensing worldwide through BMG Production Music.