Diego’s adventure in music started in a small town in Italy, with a reluctant classical training, broken piano hammers and a violin cut in half!

Fast forward a few years and to a different continent…

Diego is now a very active music sound designer, composer and performer, living in Los Angeles, contributing his work to some of the most remarkable productions.

He is one of the principal creative sound designers working with Spectrasonics. His sounds are part of the core libraries of Atmosphere, Stylus RMX, and the flagship synthesizer Omnisphere™ 2. Diego’s unique style spans from organic timbres to imaginative custom instruments.

Diego’s music and performances can be heard on films and video games such as “Sherlock Holmes”, where he collaborated with Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer, on “Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood” and “Revelations” scored by BAFTA winning composer Jesper Kyd, on the feature film “Chernobyl Diaries” which he scored and performed entirely, as well as other productions scored by composers Paul Haslinger, Trevor Morris and Jason Hayes. His music is also licensed on film trailers and TV shows with the renowned Epic Score music library.

Through the years Diego has worked with brands, agencies and studios such as Apple, Kashi/Kellogg, DTS, Bose, Burt’s Bees, Nokia, Sumsung, Panasonic, General Motors, Musikvergnuegen, VML, Baldwin&, Korg Italy and Moog. He has also worked with many major artists and industry veterans, including Patrick Leonard (Madonna, Leonard Cohen, Elton John) and producer/songwriter Dave Stewart (Eurythmics).

Diego has been producing some of his experimental musical works in the form of video performances, the most notable being “Music from a Tree”, “Music from a Dry Cleaner” and “Bassoforte”, which led to mentions on TV shows such as NBC’s “Today”, Discovery Channel’s “Daily Planet”, Japan’s NHK “Ohayou Nippon”, France’s Canal+ on “Oeil de Links” and “UnoMattina” on Italy’s Rai1.

Diego also contributes to the educational world by publishing advanced sound design content online, and lectures throughout the country at prestigious colleges such as Berklee College of Music, FIDM and Columbia College Chicago.