Diego creates the sonic shape of the Adidas BOOST material.

Following the sound design jam session I did with the Adidas Global Brand Design team, I had a chance to meet with Leon Imas, their Senior Design Director. Leon wanted to explore the Boost material they use in their shoes in different artistic ways. One of them was sound and music, so we started talking about collaborating on a video.

The video features the motion of Boost and my interpretation of how it sounds when manipulated in different ways. We wanted to sonically convey the strength of this material when it moved as waves and streams, as well as its lightness when the focus was on a few Boost pellets.

I came up with some recording techniques to capture a variety of motions, from a single Boost to a whole group of them. The interesting part for me was to push the sound of Boost beyond its noise component and actually create musical and playable sounds.

For the tonal parts I used convolution processing, spectral and granular synthesis in Omnisphere 2, for the rhythmic parts I combined together a variety of movements and percussive events. I couldn’t resist adding a powerful analog synth to the mix for the bass line, but aside from that, the whole piece is created by processed Boost sound.

The video was presented to the Adidas team during an event hosted in a movie theater, which allowed them to experience in surround the cinematic sound I had created.

A short BTS video where you can see the recording technique I used.

You can learn about my recording, convolution and processing techniques in my Feedforward Sound series.

Feedforward Sounds

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