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12 Mar

FFS02 // Convolution Processing

I’m really happy to present you guys the second video of my new series of advanced and experimental sound design techniques! It’s called Convolution Processing and you can purchase it for $9.99 on Gumroad (credit card only) here, or with PayPal here

Convolution engines are used for a variety of applications these days, emulation of real acoustic spaces, sonic behavior of hardware devices and more. When used properly they can add an aura or realism to the initial sound source.

But the concept of “reality” in sound is exactly what a sound designer intends to transform, and the tools we use are as flexible as our imagination wants them to be. This is the concept I’m exploring in this video, it’s besides real or unreal, it’s about painting a sound with dynamically changing layers of frequencies, opening up a real-time technique that can be used to perform with sound design, rather than just being a static task like adding a plugin and let the sound pass through.

YouTube Preview Image

Video Workflow ▸ concept behind the technique ▸ recording and editing of custom impulse responses ▸ recording of initial instrumental part ▸ setup of the rhythmic-oriented processing ▸ detailed function of each individual plugin chain ▸ rhythmic part performance ▸ setup of the tonal-oriented processing ▸ detailed function of each individual plugin chain ▸ final performance ▸ final notes.

// These two tracks further illustrate how Convolution Processing works:

YouTube Preview Image

// Here’s what other musicians say about Convolution Processing:

“I’m really enjoying Diego Stocco’s sound design tutorials. There’s no flab or boilerplate – he gets straight to work, making and mutating sounds. Whether you’re a sound designer or a songwriter, you’ll find plenty to inspire you.” Guy Sigsworth (composer, producer and songwriter: Björk, Imogen Heap, Madonna) 

“Diego has been working at the forefront of music sound design for years. He is fearless in his approach in inventing new techniques and never heard before sounds. By watching his videos you will be inspired to create your own sounds. You will realize that he uses tools that are available to almost everybody. You just need to be brave enough to venture out beyond calling up presets.” Kim Planert (film/tv composer: Missing, Castle, The Unit, Lie To Me)

“In my opinion, one of the leaders in the field of organic audio experimentation and design. From building many of his own instruments, the constant creative use of microphones and now the helpful step by step process with these videos, Diego continues to impress me. At the core of it, most importantly for me, he shows the joy in it all. That’s what will keep you going in your own personal dance with sound. Brendan Angelides/Eskmo (producer, remixer, live artist: Ancestor, Ninja Tune, Warp)

I also want to use this occasion to send out a huge thanks to all of you for the initial support and encouragement, many of you wrote me and shared some unique works inspired by “Rhythmic Processing”. I was also glad to hear (as I was hoping it would happen) that you were able to personalize this technique on different DAWs like Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools and Reaper.

A note about my videos, if you’re still learning the basics of your DAW and in general just moving your first steps into the sound design field, I would suggest enriching your knowledge level a little bit before diving into my Feedforward Sounds series, but if you feel ready for it, feel free to explore FFS02 // Convolution Processing, you can purchase it for $9.99 on Gumroad (credit card only) here, or with PayPal here.

Once again, I hope you guys will enjoy this second advanced sound design technique and feel inspired to create something unique!

Thank you!

UPDATE: I expanded the concept of rhythmic processing through convolution and came up with a set of 200 brand new Impulse Responses made from organic sounding sources and materials like metal, glass, paper, rubber, wood, water, etc.. organized into 10 sonic themes.

These are specifically designed for the processing of rhythmic elements and instruments like drum machines, real drums and percussions, beat boxing and in general instruments that have a percussive quality. You can purchase “FFS // Rhythmic Convolutions” for $29.99 on Gumroad (credit card only) here, or with PayPal here.

I always encourage you guys to create your own personalized material, but if you wish to get started by using optimized Impulse Responses, by getting the ones that I created for “FFS // Rhythmic Convolutions” you’ll see right away how these can be made. You might have noticed that working with convolution engines can be a bit of a guess sometimes, you might be imagining that a certain Impulse Response will create a certain effect, but when you try it, the result might be way off.

Furthermore, recording and optimizing Impulse Responses takes a considerable amount of time (on top of coming up with ideas on what sources to record), so if you’re in middle of a musical project and need to get stuff done quickly, “FFS // Rhythmic Convolutions” is a way to access right away to 200 Impulse Responses already organized by type of material and ready to be used. In this video demo you can hear some of them and see how to use them, enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

Purchase “FFS // Rhythmic Convolutions” for $29.99 on Gumroad (credit card only) here, or with PayPal here.

 P. S. Here you can find out about the first technique: Rhythmic Processing