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3 Jul

“Post Civilization” / Custom Built Orchestra

“Post Civilization” is a suite of tracks I created for theatrical trailer use.
I composed and performed them by using instruments from my Custom Built Orchestra.

For licensing information please write at licensing@diegostocco.com


The Experibass combines a violin, viola and cello neck on the body of a double bass. It has a unique and recognizable sound also due to the way I play it.

Here you can find the first video I did right after I built it and here few more cues I created with it.
With this instrument I performed as Featured Soloist on the film “Sherlock Holmes” and the video game franchise “Assassin’s Creed“.

I built this by using a tree branch I found on the street. It’s an electro-acoustic instrument amplified with a pick up and a built-in piezo microphone. It has three sections, the bass with a fretted metallic neck, a 2 strings cello-like section and a vertical double bass string that can be played by pinching it. It can be played with a bow, a chop stick, small metallic bars or picks.

The Experiviolin has the body of a violin, the neck of an electric guitar and acoustic guitar strings.
It only has 2 strings because the neck of the guitar is flat and having 4 strings like a regular violin would make playing it unpractical. It still retains some of the tonal colors of a violin but the tone is different, also due to the custom tuning.


For those of you into technical details, this is the gear I used to record.
API 512c preamps, 550b EQs, 527 Compressors, and Apogee Ensemble as the converter.
Microphones, Røde NT5, NT2-A and K2, plus an AKG D40.
Pictures by Gianfilippo De Rossi
Custom Built Orchestra logo by Andrea Bedendo
Published by Sonic Artifact Music Publishing (BMI)
© 2013 Diego Stocco – All Rights Reserved