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Rhythmic Convolutions 2 – Diego Stocco

Diego creates a unique approach in Convolution processing.

Rhythmic Convolutions is a sound design technique I started developing when I realized that convolution could be used not just to create reverbs, but also rhythmic processing of sounds and grooves. When this set of Impulse Responses is used inside a convolution plugin, it will give you access to a unique way to work with your sounds.

What is this product? Is it a plugin?

This is a set of 200 rhythmic Impulse Responses specifically designed for the processing of beats, synths and instruments with a percussive timbre. They can be loaded inside a third-party convolution engine plugin to process incoming audio.

Is it necessary to use Ableton Live with Convolution Reverb Pro?

Not necessarily, you can use other DAWs and convolution plugins that offer similar functionalities to the ones you see in the video demo.

Would you recommend any specific convolution engine?

You’re free to use the convolution engine you prefer and one that is compatible with your system.
My personal choices are Convolution Reverb Pro (Max for Live plugin) Native Instrument’s Reflektor (Runs in Guitar Rig 5 Player or Pro) and Wave Arts Convology XT (Available for free in different formats, Mac and PC)

I’m a composer/producer, I make music for films, TV, video games, music libraries, etc.. Can I use these Impulse Responses to process sounds for my music?


I’m a sound designer, I work on films, TV, video games, etc.. Can I use these Impulse Responses to process sounds?


I make sample libraries, samples for virtual instruments or custom sound design libraries for clients, can I use these Impulse Responses to process sounds and create samples or a library for distribution?

No, “Rhythmic Convolutions” is a sample-based product based on copyrighted sound recordings, and using it to generate a sample-based “derivative product” intended for distribution is not allowed.

I’m a teacher and I would like to use Rhythmic Convolutions with my students, can I load these Impulse Responses on the computers in my class?

Thank you for your interest, in order to do that you need to obtain a multi-user License, please write to: info@diegostocco.com

Are the rhythmic parts/loops you’re using in the video demo part of the product?

No, those are just for the purpose of the demo, they’re not included.

All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

'Rhythmic Convolutions 2' $24.99

Buy now!

My Feedforward Sound series also includes advanced sound design and creative recording techniques.

Available on my Gumroad page.

“I’m really enjoying Diego Stocco’s sound design tutorials. There’s no flab or boilerplate – he gets straight to work, making and mutating sounds. Whether you’re a sound designer or a songwriter, you’ll find plenty to inspire you.”

Guy Sigsworth (composer, producer and songwriter: Björk, Imogen Heap, Madonna)

“In my opinion, one of the leaders in the field of organic audio experimentation and design. From building many of his own instruments, the constant creative use of microphones and now the helpful step by step process with these videos, Diego continues to impress me. At the core of it, most importantly for me, he shows the joy in it all. That’s what will keep you going in your own personal dance with sound.

Brendan Angelides / Eskmo (producer, composer: Billions, 13 Reasons Why)

“Great work on the series, I enjoyed what you created and it was presented with your characteristic warm energy and clean and clear instruction.”

Gotye (Grammy Award Winner multi-instrumentalist, producer and artist)

“Diego has been working at the forefront of music sound design for years. He is fearless in his approach in inventing new techniques and never heard before sounds. By watching his videos you will be inspired to create your own sounds. You will realize that he uses tools that are available to almost everybody. You just need to be brave enough to venture out beyond calling up presets.”

Kim Planert (film/tv composer: Missing, Castle, The Unit, Lie To Me)

“What a great video! How generous and exciting to share your ideas and techniques in such a clear way! I really dig this approach that is anchored in using actual fresh sounds as the core building structure of the final product.”

Nathan Johnson (film composer, producer, and songwriter: Looper, Don Jon, The Brothers Bloom)

“Lets get real here: We all want to know how Diego creates his sounds and why they sound so damn good and unique! Well with his new video series FeedForward Sounds, he gives us an insightful look into his craft. To sum it up, it is a must watch!”

Sascha Dikiciyan | Sonic Mayhem (video game composer: Mass Effect 3, Tron, Quake series, Dead Rising 3, Borderlands)